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Continuing professional development - for coaches

Continuing professional development - for coaches

me:mycoach is an original idea for you, the coach.


It is a space for reflecting on your client coaching sessions, in a powerful conversation with yourself.

me:mycoach is stimulating and provocative.  It gives you a framework to self-reflect, raising the quality and impact of
your work.


It promotes rigorous self-supervision and continuing professional development.  Learning from your own experience.

Independent Trial of me:mycoach.

In an evaluated trial with a pilot group which consisted of 13
from the organisation's 120 internal coaches, the 13 used me:mycoach for a year.


Every client of the 120 internal coaches was asked to rank satisfaction of impact, challenge and attainment of goals through their coaching.


69% of these clients responded.  The average satisfaction rate across all 120 coaches was 70% for the three areas.

The pilot group who used me:mycoach™ was significantly ranked between 95% and 99% satisfaction.

The me:mycoach framework enabled a learning culture. The pilot group reflected on their practice using me:mycoach and it both stretched and validated them in their coaching.


They also regularly met as a group to share insights and grow together. They were delighted to have the quality of their work recognised in such a way.

me:mycoach is resourcing new and experienced coaches,
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