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Who are We?


  • Qualified Coach Supervisors  - located internationally.


  • We are working in the UK, Ireland, Italy, Slovenia, Portugal,Czechia and South Africa.

  • We are offering Coach Supervision in English, Italian,
     and Czech.

  • We are also offering Mentoring for Coaches wishing to attain a

Why a site like this?

  • Qualified coach We are committed to the professional standards which enable our industry to thrive.


  • We wish to play our part in supporting and developing coaches, at all stages of competency, as they continue to learn and grow.


  • We feel that our comprehensive resources offer a Coach
    a bespoke experience.

What can you find?

  • Qualified coach supervisors for you to select.

  • Each Supervisor will agree independent and mutually arranged
    terms with you the Coach.

  • Connect with your preferred Supervisor, Mentor or Trainer via their specific contact link[s]

  • A Continuing Professional Development framework to monitorand enhance your best practice, me:mycoach™


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