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Brigitte Lintner


Associate Certified Coach (ACC – International Coach Federation) and Coach Supervisor


Coaching languages: English, German, English/Czech, German/Czech


Location: Prague or Skype/Telephone


What I offer:


From the small changes that will brighten your daily work and lighten your burdens to the big changes that shouldn’t wait any longer, I offer personalized mentoring and coaching services that energize you and your career.


In my coaching and mentoring experiences, clients step out of their comfort zones, become more grounded and more self-confident. I am passionate about seeing my clients grow and develop and I love when clients get that burst of energy that comes from finally being on
the right track.


I take a solution-based approach when working with clients. Using the techniques and skills that I have honed with my training with the International Coach Federation as well as my experience and intuition stemming from over 25 years in the financial sector, I confidently work with clients from a range of backgrounds on the diverse challenges they face.


My passion for working with people goes back to my university years in my native Austria, when I volunteered for AFS, an organization that offers exchange programs. As a returnee from an exchange year in the United States, I realized that I was well positioned to support other students and host families with counseling, trouble-shooting as well as dealing with cultural differences. As an expat having worked in the financial sector in the Czech Republic (I’ve lived here since 1999), I became even more interested and engaged in applying coaching techniques I’d observed from leaders and bosses who were true role models. Over the years, based on first-hand experience, I have understood that empowerment, trusting in our own abilities, and wanting to be in charge of our own life are crucial elements for success, satisfaction and happiness.


As a Coach and Coach Supervisor I very strongly believe in empowerment, giving constructive and useful and specific “feed forward”. I believe in supporting the Client to trust herself and want to be energizing, give my Clients the support and awareness - and in the case of Supervision ensure that the Clients can become more professional and advanced Coaches.


How I work as a Coach, Mentor and Coach Supervisor:

  • I am committed to buidling an environment of trust and confidentiality

  • 100% safe thinking space

  • 100% attention and careful listening

  • encouragement to step out of your comfort zone

  • support and patience to work in a language foreign to you (hence you can gain more assertiveness when working in a virtual team or in an international environment)

  • many years of experience as a professional (financial services) and a coach

  • understanding for challenging transitions as well as changes and how to deal with them (both - in professional as well as personal life)

  • Helping clients to tap into their own resoruces , become aware of new possibilities and find the courage to take new actions

  • a sense of humour , a comfortable and yet challenging atmosphere

  • follwoing the ehtical standards of the International Coach Federation


Areas of expertise:       

  • Talent coaching (oftenfirst time managers)

  • Transition coaching (career changes, organizational changes, relocation)

  • Cross cultural issues (relocation, corporate culture issues)

  • Supporting the generation 50+


My Professional coaching training includes:

  • ICF accredited training program (UK by Coaching Development Ltd)

  • Coaching Across Cultures Certificate by Rosinski & Company (Belgium)

  • Performance Coaching (“Coaching Centrum” in the Czech Republic)

  • NLP Practitioner (Erikson College)

  • Coach Supervision training and certificate with Coaching Development Ltd

  • PCM (Process Communication Model) Coach with Atria s.r.o. (Prague)

  • Over 400 hours of coaching and more than 100 hours of mentoring (clients in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, Ireland and the UK)


Professional Profile

  • More than 27 years in ERSTE BANK GROUP; 4 years at GENERALI (insurance)


In recent years strong focus on:

  • Leadership programs, Diversity issues, Mentoring and Coaching

  • 6 years of involvement in Mentoring Program of the British Chamber of Commerce in Prague (mentoring, co facilitation of workshops, program design)

  • Involvement in designing, setting up and delivering personal skills training (Risk Management Division)

  • Strong interpersonal skills, motivating staff in numerous departments at different levels Trilingual workplace experience (more than 18 years based in Prague)



  • Long-term experience in Credit Risk Management (corporate lending - financial analysis, loan underwriting, design of credit policy and procedures and Co-Project management during Bank’s reorganization (transformation after privatization)

  • Focus on organizational, problem solving and implementation skills


I am Austrian by birth, have lived in Prague, Czech Republic since 1999.



“Brigitte is a sensitive and intuitive coach. Trusting what she sensed behind my words and silence, she reflected back to me in a way that put the different aspects of my life in perspective. To see what I could do, and leave behind what I could not control. Through this I was able to identify options and select strategies to enable me to build my business while facing the most difficult personal challenges in my life. It was a gift to have Brigitte walk with me on my journey that has resulted in a very successful business launch."

  • Global Business Entrepreneur, Munich, Germany


“In her role as my coach, I found Brigitte extremely supportive and motivating. She worked with me in a facilitative manner that empowered me to navigate my own journey. Her style enabled me to clarify my goals and made me explore options and possibilities that I had not previously considered. During the 3 months that I was coached by Brigitte, she never once lost sight of the destination that I had envisaged and through her measured, yet challenging style kept me on track through the process. Since ending our coaching relationship, she has also been in touch to find out how the journey is continuing.”

  • Ade Adeniji


“I had the pleasure of working with Brigitte as my coach during autumn 2010.  I found our sessions to be hugely productive.  She has a gentle, respectful, yet probing style which encourages you to dig deep, really examine what's going on and, through enhanced understanding, achieve clarity and move forward.  Brigitte was very flexible in her coaching style and seamlessly adapted her approach to suit the mood I was in and the topics under discussion.  After every session, I came away feeling refreshed and calm, knowing that I had made tangible progress and had a concrete plan to put into practice.  Brigitte is hugely empathetic and really cares about the well-being of her clients.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for an experienced, professional and supportive coach who will make a real difference.”

  • Antoinette Dale Henderson, Zomi Communications Limited.

  • Business founder, communications industry leader, UK


"I've worked with Brigitte for several years now and since the start, I have admired the level of her professionalism and the sense of safety one feels around her. I believe it's her ability to be fully in the present moment and truly listen to what's on your mind and heart. I believe it takes a lot of tolerance and life experience, too. All this creates the magic I've felt repeatedly: an atmosphere where answers are discovered within you and you feel encouraged and empowered to act."


Pavel Novák. Negotiation Trainer.


Contact Brigitte via:

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